Back-Contact Solar

Module interconnection to take silicon back-contact cells mainstream

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Sunflex is an agile, R&D focused group of industry-leading experts, scientists, and engineers pushing the boundaries of efficiency and innovation in silicon-based solar applications.


By eliminating the need for substantial amounts of copper and silver used traditionally to interconnect back-contact cells, SunFlex provides a truly competitive solution for bringing IBC and MWT modules to market at the cost of today's lower-efficiency PERC panels.


SunFlex technology enables cost-effective solar modules at >22% efficiency, all while passing the toughest environmental and quality tests in the industry from the IEC 61215 standard to NREL's combined and accelerated stress testing (C-AST) program.
Enabling new pathways in the solar industry that were previously blocked by steep costs.
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Demonstrating >22% module efficiency
The power of back-contact at the price of PERC
Stunningly sleek designs with the clean look of IBC cells- perfect for BIPV and VIPV.
Proven in IEC 61215, UL 61730, and NREL C-AST.
Rigid, flexible, curved, and foldable- with the option of custom cell cuts and layouts.
Eliminating soldering and wet processes while reducing BOM costs.


A new way to interconnect back-contact solar cells.

Sunflex’s Sunfoil module technology interconnects silicon back-contact solar cells - like MTW and IBC- with patterned, embossed aluminum foil.
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It's All About the Metal

All the efficiency, at a fraction of the cost

Aluminum foil—the new gold standard.
Our Sunfoil module technology interconnects back-contact cells with aluminum foil, enabling premium efficiency and durability.
Aluminum Foil
Low Cost
No Paste
No Solder
No Worries
Laser Welding


A new gold standard in efficiency and reliability

Sunfoil modules with back-contact cells are >22% efficient and lose less than 2%of their initial power after 3000 hours of damp-heat exposure, 600 thermocycles, or 10 humidity-freeze cycles (3 times the IEC 61215 quality standard!)
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Sunfoil is compatible with any module flavor.

From BIPV to VIPV, rigid modules to foldable and flexible- Sunfoil is the ideal solution across multiple industries and form factors.


The module power of IBC at the cost of PERC

Sunfoil modules save cost by carrying the current in aluminum foil, connecting the foil to the cells with a proprietary laser-welding method that does not require electrically conductive adhesive, all while removing nearly 50% of the silver paste from the back-contact cells themselves for additional cost savings.
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All About the Innovation

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Vehicle Integrated
Range extension, auxiliary power, refrigerated transport and more—our technology enables integration of the highest efficiency solar cells for space-constrained applications like vehicle body panels.
Building Integrated
Architects and BIPV module designers can increase module power with  aesthetically stunning IBC cells in custom form factors and layouts—enchancing any project.
Foldable & Flexible
Aluminum foil is lightweight and ductile, making it a phenomenal conductive hinge. Let us help you take your design to the next level with back-contact cells.
Material Suppliers
Test your materials in Sunfoil modules and become a recommended supplier for Sunfoil manufacturers.
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The team makes it happen

Ground-breaking technology by inspirational individuals.

Meet Our Team

Founded by those who believe in the power of solar.

SunFlex Solar was formed in March 2020 to commercialize breakthrough innovations developed at Arizona State University within a Department of Energy grant. Our team is dedicated to decarbonizing our world and increasing the pace of photovoltaic adoption while reducing cost barriers to high-efficiency solutions.
Kate Fisher
Module Technology
Zak Holman
Business Development
Zach Felty
Module Fabrication
Jason Ro
Module Reliability
Jason Yu
Supply Chain
Cody Van Cleve
Product Management
Jacob McHenry
Finance & Accounting

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